About Cori

Meet Cori

Congresswoman Cori Bush never intended to run for office. But in 2014, a Ferguson police officer murdered Michael Brown Jr., and it lit a fire inside her. Cori showed up to the frontlines of the protests, and for 400 days used her training as a nurse and as a pastor to care for fellow community members who were beaten, tear-gassed, and shot with rubber bullets.

Challenging a 50-year political dynasty by running for Congress was never something Congresswoman Cori thought she’d do, but when local leaders asked, she knew she needed to answer the call. She had seen the policy harm done to her community by absent, status quo politicians, and she knew her neighbors deserved better. So she stepped up, ran for Congress, and despite all the odds, won election to the U.S. House of Representatives by putting the people of St. Louis first–becoming the first nurse and the first Black woman to ever represent Missouri in federal office. 

In one year in office, Congresswoman Cori has already changed the conversation. She’s introduced groundbreaking new legislation to bring transformative change to St. Louis, like the Green New Deal for Cities and the People’s Response Act. She’s secured investments to help her community persevere through and begin healing from the deadly pandemic, to rebuild crumbling infrastructure in St. Louis, and to clean up our community’s natural resources, like Coldwater Creek. And she leda national campaign to prevent people from being evicted during a deadly pandemic.

All of that is just the beginning. Now, Congresswoman Cori is running for re-election to do more for everyone, starting with those who have the least. As always, she’s unbought and unbossed, answering only to the people, and rejecting money from corporate PAC’s and special interests. She is accountable only to the people of Missouri’s First Congressional District and will do all that she can to make sure every single person in her district, in our country, and around the world can live a full, joyous, and decent life.