Voters in the district need to know that Rep. Cori Bush has lived the struggles facing regular people. That’s why she’s worked relentlessly to deliver for our district, bringing home $1 billion in funding to St. Louis to build critical infrastructure, clean up Coldwater Creek, and deliver a $1.5 million project to get unemployed and underemployed St. Louisans into good-paying jobs unionized through UAW. Voters need to know that while democracy is under attack, Cori Bush is a strong advocate for the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and began leading the charge for clean, fair elections on Day 1, when she wrote a resolution to hold accountable members of Congress who played a role in the January 6th insurrection. Lastly, voters should know that because Cori Bush was a registered nurse who saw first-hand the consequences of our broken health care system, she believes health care is a human right and has been a leading voice in Congress for Medicare for All.